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March 30, 2018

Devotion to God is respect to human beings!

Many of us spend time in long deep meditations and spiritual practices hoping to better connect with the Superforce that we call God. Yet many do not realize that the closest distance to God just may be the distance to yourself and another human being next to you. We all are the children of the most high. And the divine spirit is flowing thorugh all of us with the different degree of manifestation. If we truly recognize the divinity in another human being then how is it possible to not treat it with the utmost respect? if we do belive that a human being is a child of God, then treating him or her with anger or hatred becomes unthinkable!

Master Choa Kok Sui said that "if a person cannot treat another person with respect, how can they recognize God who is invisible?" Devotion to God means always treat another person like a child of God, never hurt anybody, never judge anybody and always internally forgive. That would mean the ultimate recognition of God. But because very few of us mastered this, we indeed need to spend very long time in meditation, self-reflection and purification.


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