Remote sessions

All beings are interconnected through the energy field of Earth.

If you don't want to drive to the Center or live all the way accross the country or the globe, a remote pranic healing session could be done on you at any distance by an experienced Certified Pranic Healer.

Distant session is also the perfect solution in the emergency situations when healing has to start immediately for you or your loved ones.

The distance does not matter. A remote session can be as powerful as an in-person treatment, if performed by a skilled certified pranic healer and the client is receptive to the energy.

Sign Up For Pranic Healing Treatment Sessions:

In emergency call our
HELPLINE 856-905-9119
to order an emergency Pranic Healing session. If it's a medical emergency, call 911 first. No texting

Sessions also available via SKYPE - call for appointment first

Tips how to increase receptivity and prepare for the distant session.

  * setup the time of your session with your healer when you are able to follow the guidlines below *

  * do not drive or be involved in any activities that require high degree of alertness *

  * do not watch TV, do not read emotionally disturbing or negative literature, do not talk *

* avoid heavy meals, smoking and drinking before the session *

  * it is advisable to take a salt bath before the session (Dissolve 26 oz of regular salt in a tub of warm water, add 10 drops of Lavender oil and soak for 15-20 minutes) *

  * during the session spend time in silence, or prayer or do the Meditation on Twin Hearts or another gentle meditation of your choice *

  * simply taking a nap is a good idea too *

  * you can listen to the soft relaxing music or play the OM chant CD *

Let the Great Ones shower you with Divine Love, Mercy and Healing!