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The prosperity energy and unlimited resources are available to all as a gift from the great Ones. Yet many people, including spiritual aspirants, yogis and healing practitioners still struggle to be practical and grounded in material matters. This ground-breaking, experiential and fun seminar will teach you how to harness these powerful blessings to fuel your success and achievement of financial stability. 

Wisely use the laws of energy to manifest success

Get in the driving seat of your material life, transform your thinking patterns, increase the level of confidence, maximize your income, harmoniously attract good fortune.

Highlights of the Seminar:

  • Learn why some cannot attract money
  • Learn why some could not keep money
  • Develop practicality in harmony with spirituality
  • Discover the "ingredients" of succe$$
  • Learn how to apply the principles of fairness in business
  • Use divine laws to multiply financial abundance
  • Drop the burden of previous poverty consciousness
  • Strengthen and highly activate your own prosperity centers
  • Harness the prosperity energy of places, human and angelic beings
  • Use the energy of Mother Earth to activate your earning potential
  • Burn unwanted patterns and receive the empowerment to succeed
  • NEW! Learn how to make a withdrawal from your karmic bank

This seminar does not replace the teachings and practice of KriyaShakti Course by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui but rather serves as a preparation to Higher Teachings.


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Prosperity Seminar
Date: TBA
  10 am   - 5:00 pm

For Pranic Healing graduates ONLY!

Presenter: Michael Borokhovsky


The technology presented is proven to work and is quite unique. If you are highly successful then make sure you keep it coming! If you think that you cannot afford this event, then you especially need it :)

Price: $99, $159 at the door

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