What Our Clients Say

Golden Light Pranic Healing and Meditation Center is an oasis for peace, calmness, and healing.  Natalie and Michael are dedicated healers who specialize in helping you whether you are just stressed or have a serious illness.  They have hearts of gold which spread through their AMAZING classes.  The insight and wisdom is priceless. They will go above and beyond to help you move forward in all aspects of life. Pranic Healing in itself is remarkable.  Check it out! Take advantage of the full moon and weekly meditation nights.  Those nights are the relief you are looking for.... it clears away all my work and family troubles and leaves me with a BIG SMILE!!!  Thanks Golden Light.


 Since as early as I can remember (3 years old though 15 years old), I was a victim of repeated child abuse. Because of this abuse, by the time I reached 15, I grew to hate any male that was older than me, each one seen as a threat. I went from religion to religion seeking some kind of light in the dark world that I was in however I never found it. When my son was born, I had the overwhelming fear that what happened to me, I would do to my son, so I sought out professional help. The head shrinks gave me some understanding and helped me just enough that my health insurance would allow, but the rage and hatred was still there. One could say that the rage that was in me was a very very strong demon. By the time I reached my 30s I have been through 7 religions and 3 head shrinks, yet I still had my demon, so to speak.

One day a co-worker was telling me about a class that his wife went through and how impressed he was. It got me intrigued enough to do some research then I called. I talked to Natalie for about 30 minutes or so, I must have driven her nuts with all of my questions. Never the less, I signed up for my first class shortly there after.

It has been 3 years since that first class, I must say beyond a shadow of a doubt, Pranic Healing has changed my life so much and so fast. Rage, stress, anger, worry, all words that mean so little to me now. The rage and hatred are just about gone. I still have more work to do for myself but Pranic Healing has done so much for my life in 3 years where religion and head shrinks could not do in 38 years. It took time and work on my part but it was all very worth it. I would recommend Pranic Healing to anyone.

Thank you Natalie and Mike and Thank you Pranic Healing!!!!

Michael M., NJ


I contacted Natalie at a time when I was in desperate need. I had just had a g.m. seizure. I had liver damage, heart damage, over-heated(major), dehydrated-thought I was going to die any second. She went to work-EVERYTHING was fixed. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES:). I am now very healthy, feeling better every day! Thank you so much Natalie. I really appreciate all that you did for me and my husband! You are a true earth-angel. Much Love and Many Blessings.

Roseanna H,CA 

"For 5 years, I felt sick and have seen many, many doctors.  They were no help and I took it upon myself to completely change my lifestyle.  I started eating all organic foods, exercising, sleeping good and eventually became vegan.  I bought so many supplements but none of them really seemed to help.  I thought that my physical upset could be corrected with a physical cure.  Finally, I came to the Pranic Healing Center.  The emotional release was overwhelming and I found myself crying uncontrollably, something that I haven't done in years.  I finally am feeling relief.  I don't understand it but I know it works!  It's beautiful.  I feel alive again."

Steve T, NJ


"After a yucky car accident, I feel so much better. After a pranic healing session, not only does my spirit, mental, physical but also emotional body seem to function better, and life just seems to flow smoother.  

I am beyond grateful for the healing .. and kindness and ease that pranic healing continues to enrich my life.  The incredible pain in my shoulder and neck has lessened. 

Thank God.Take good care and continue the work."                
Cheryl Schoolcraft, NJ

"I am someone who understands the tremendous value of energy healing.  Whether it’s Pranic Healing or another energy based modality, I know that it works.  But what is most important to me is the healer.  I have found Natalie to be among the most skilled healers I have encountered in my experience with different healing modalities.  Her energy is powerful.  Natalie’s healings have completely healed my physical issues in one healing, and reduced symptoms over several healings in others.  She has helped me--I know she can help you."

Linda K, NJ

"I had a toothache that wasn't going away, in fact, it was getting worse. After about a week, of barely tolerating it, I asked my husband if he would take me to a holistic dentist, because I was pregnant and didn't want any drugs.I had been constantly energetically cleaning the area and I did especially clean it that morning I went to the dentist, he said I was "lucky" this time and no tooth had to be filled in. He said it was a combo of neck pain, sinus pressure and grinding my teeth that caused the pain. I was glad I didn't have to get anything done, because at that time we didn't have dental insurance. The next day, though, the pain got worse and it just got so unberable, I asked Natalie to do a distant healing on me, because I couldn't function!! She said she would later that day. The next day, I woke up and the pain had diminished considerably!  As the day went on, the pain diminished until it was gone!!
Since then, the pain has not returned!!
I am so grateful for that healing!! I was able to get back to taking care of my girls and normal life!!! "
Alexine Von Gleich, NJ

"When I think of powerful energy healers Natalie comes to my mind.  I myself am an energy healer and when I am in need of healings, Natalie is one whom I call upon.  She is someone whom I trust with my emotional and physical issues.  This means that I know she respects my privacy and understands that she will do what is in her power to provide healings to me.  She is analytical, thorough, and so compassionate.  These attributes are so important to me when I think of an effective healer.  One must be non-judging, have a basic understanding of the nature of an illness, and have the will to heal.  Natalie possesses all these attributes.  And her energy is powerful.  I have experienced it time and time again.  After every healing, my body felt as if a heavy blanket was removed and emotionally, my outlook always more positive.  For me, Natalie’s healings have completely healed physical issues in one healing, and reduced symptoms over several healings in others.  But always, I know that with each healing, my bodies are getting cleaner, like peeling away at the skin of an onion, layer by layer.You have come to read this not by chance.  I have all the trust and faith that Natalie’s Pranic Healings will help you.  I wish you good health and much happiness."
LK, Florham Park, NJ


"I never knew such a divine intervention was out there called Pranic Healing, but I prayed for years for this exact form of help thru God and the angels. I'd been having spiritual battles, which unless you've been thru this, you know, hardly anyone is qualified to help. From experience I know now God has to send someone and I cannot just "find anyone". I had a healing with Natalie and she told me, after my twenty years of suffering, what was wrong. It wasn't a diagnosis, but her healer inside knew what I hesitated to say to myself.

I just want to say: Hey, Lord, thank you for the angels."

Roxanne Nicastro, NJ.


"Most of us have a secret desire to believe in miracles, I was one of them. My name is Gala; I had an arthroscopy surgery that turned in to an RSD. Those who do not know what RSD is be thankful; it is a neurological disorder that is untreatable by modern medicine. It is at times impossible to have anything touch your skin, the pain is unbearable. Those who do have RSD I urge you to come in, have an open mind and desire to be healed. I also was experiencing for a long time voices in my head. No, not the ones that tell you to do extreme things; but the ones that interfere with my everyday thoughts. Did you ever experience a thought such as “what am I supposed to do about so on” and all of a sudden there was your mind running 100 MPH and dropping so many solutions that you would think you are out of control? I did, I even went further and thought I was going nuts! Of course there’s more, nevertheless I would think that some privacy is necessary. And if this will not convince you to open up your mind, then you need to continue popping those pills. The ones that give all those side effects; no worries they have pills for that too. Hey, I was one of you.

When my sister told me about my appointment that she made for me I was ready for anything so I agreed. When I told Natalie about the voices and (with humor) asked her if she could turn them off she simply said “yes”. I could not believe that I was not laughed at, so I continued to let her have everything. She in a very calm voice asked me to follow a certain exercise routine. “Do the best you can” she said since she understood what kind of pain I was in; then I did a meditation and after meditation I felt very light and calm. All of a sudden I realized the voices are gone and screamed with relief “I am alone in my head!” Once again in a calm manner she said “yes I turned them off”. Well the pain was gone and I did not even limp! Of course, I came a few more times, I did not get all my injuries in one night; I actually sat on some of them for a few decades.
So if you are tired of hearing about miracles and ready to have a few of your own then try this Healing method, what do you have to loose? The pain or, better yet, getting your life back? Please call and make an appointment today, you did with doctors.

Good luck and God bless you,
P.S. I brought someone with an addiction. They can cure that too.

Gala Zaltsman.
Burlington County, NJ