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Core MCKS Pranic Healing Courses:

Description, audience, licensees, continuing education and other information about MCKS Pranic Healing Course, the base course of the formal training program on Pranic Healing.

This is a Pranic Healing Level 2 class that teaches faster and more effective ways to heal moderate and severe ailments by the application of colored prana.

In this Pranic Healing Level 3 workshop you will learn the energy causes and treatments for emotional, mental, psychological issues and addictions.

Learn how to use crystals for healing. Discover the properties of crystals and gemstones. Practice crystal healing techniques.

Learn the spiritual anatomy of a human being, techniques and methodology of soul realiazation, and ancient meditation for soul realization.

Other Popular Classes:

One-of-a-kind seminar to help healers and spiritual aspirants to succeed in the physical world and attract good fortune.

Teaches Basic Life Support by a licenced EMT instructor. Good to know and be ready.


Quick summary of the approved Continuing Education programs for healthcare practitioners, healers and social workers. 

PRIVATE Pranic Healing Courses and Tutoring

MCKS Pranic Healing Course taught privately to one or two students. Follow the link above to find out if this approach is right for you.

Meet our exciting team of Pranic Healing teachers.

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