On this page, you will find some of the humanitarian projects of our Center that help people to improve their lives. We hope that our Golden Light Center will open your heart to Service, so you too could find a way to manifest your Will-To-Do-Good. Different people like to get involved in different ways. No matter what you decide to do, your contribution to the uplifting of humanity rewards you with countless blessings and furthers your own advancement of spirituality, increases prosperity and deepens fulfillment.
Let Light, Love and Power of God increase everything that we give and everything that we receive many-many times!

Join us for the monthly Full Moon Meditations to heal and uplift humanity, usher global Peace to Earth. Utilize released energies to heal yourself and energize your own projects. Facilitated by disciples of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. There is no charge for this event. Donations fund the feeding program for homeless.


Join us for the feeding session at Logan Square in Philadelphia. Be a part of the group that buys food and snacks, fruits and sodas, delivers and distributes it to needy people.


If you can cook, your help is so much needed! Every month we serve freshly-made lunch to 40 residents of St. John's shelter in Philadelphia. Be the one who brings happy smiles and hope to the faces of men.


New or slightly used sweaters, fleeces, sweat pants, hoodies, winter coats or jackets, gloves and hats can save somebody on a street from winter cold. Large sizes are in demand. Share the warmth with somebody in need! Also, the donations of toiletries are needed for the St. John's shelter: tooth paste, soaps, lotions, shampoos, shaving creams, disposable razors etc. logan2_web.jpg  

Feeding at Logan Square, Philadelphia