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What is Meditation on Twin Hearts (also known as Planetary Meditation for Peace )? 
The Twin Hearts Meditation is an advanced meditation technique aimed to achieve peace and illumination, introduced by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, spiritual teacher and inspiration to millions of people worldwide. This meditation is an extraordinary tool to bring about harmony and world peace. It is practiced worldwide by people of different nationalities and religious backgrounds. It has been translated in over 20 languages. It is also an instrument of world and community service that harmonizes the earth by blessing it with peace, healing and goodwill.
What to expect during the Meditation and Healing Nights?
The Golden Light Pranic Healing and Meditation Center offers public Meditation and pranic energy healing sessions in the greater Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey area since 2003. These special activities allow attendees:
  •  to have a more meaningful awareness of energy and Pranic Healing;
  •  to relief stress and heal particular issues at hands;
  •  to set the right energy flow for the whole week;
  •  to purify negative thoughts and emotions;
  •  to gain better control and clarity of vision;
  •  to better prepare to face personal challenges;
  •  to participate in world service for global healing;
  •  to help usher peace and harmony to Mother Earth;
  •  to meet friends and kindred souls;
  •  to support the cause they care about;
  •  and much much more...

Why is meditating in groups more powerful than meditating individually?

Blessing the Earth with loving-kindness can be done by a group as a form of world service... The potency of the blessing is increased many times when it is done as a group, rather than individually. THe rapid healing of Mother Earth becomes possible" [Master Choa Kok Sui, Miracles Through Pranic Healing, Second Edition]

These sessions are facilitated by experienced Certified Pranic Healers and Instructors personally taught by Master Choa Kok Sui. 

After the meditation we offer individual 20-minute mini pranic healing sessions, per request, performed by Pranic Healing graduates supervised by Certified Pranic Healers.


Public Healing Clinic

Meditation and Healing Night Sessions

"Attending meditations and pranic healing sessions was a positive step in a permanent resolution towards eliminating reoccurring bitter family issues. The wonderful changes within my family has been phenomenal!!! The anxiety and anger were released to allow the peace and happiness to exist as I hoped for."  Rose, NJ  12/20/2010


Mini-session in progress

"If you do not serve, you do not grow!"   Master Choa Kok Sui