Meditation on Twin Hearts Improves Lives of Homeless

By Michael Borokhovsky

Since 1963, St. John’s Hospice is a program of catholic social services of Philadelphia, a temporary home for 52 homeless residents. An all-man shelter hosts people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. My wife Natalie, my son Ben and I went there for the first time about 4 years ago. We found people struggling with all kinds of severe difficulties in life. Many had families and jobs previously, but became unemployed and their “close ones” turned their back on them. Some got sick with no means to afford medical care, some are recovering drug and alcohol addicts, some are just off prison trying to find a new life. Many lives and many stories, but all have something in common. They need help and hope, dignity and respect, nourishment and opportunities for new beginnings.
Since that first visit, every month we buy freshly-made food from local restaurants, then deliver and serve it to the residents of St. John’s shelter for homeless in Philadelphia, PA. They are always extremely happy to see us, because the lunch that we bring is a rare treat, real feast for the bodies… After doing that for a while, then somehow it occurred to us that physical lunch may not be enough to pull people out of the low point in life. Maybe they needed some spiritual food in addition to the physical food, to provide that much needed boost of energy. So we served lunch and after the lunch we started doing Twin Hearts Meditations. While MCKS was guiding their meditations, Natalie also did pranic healing sessions for them. We did it monthly for about 9 months. There was a group of about a dozen of people regularly meditating. Almost the same people were coming all the time. One day,. as usual, we served lunch then got ready to start the meditation, but nobody showed up. We thought that nobody was interested any more… So then we stopped doing the meditation at the shelter, but we kept coming serving lunch.

A few months passed, then one day, when we were there with the lunch, Doug Thompson, one of the guys from our meditation group, unexpectedly came to see us. He said “Guys, I have been looking for you, I need to talk to you.” So then we asked Doug where everyone else was, and where he disappeared. And then he said “I want to share such amazing and wonderful stories with you guys. You won’t believe! Good stuff is actually happening in my life. Doors are opening up for me. In the past, wherever I applied for training programs and jobs, I always got rejected. But now I get approved wherever I go! I have a job now. I work for the Philadelphia Publishing Company. They print Bibles, dictionaries and send them all around the world.” He was so excited, shining and smiling. So we learned that he’s working, he’s saving money, he got himself a used car. Before that his driver’s license was suspended, but now he started the process of reinstating it. Life started changing... rapidly to him.

Then he told us stories about other people that were in our meditation group. We learned that life was improved dramatically for 8 or 9 of the 11 people and all of them were out of the shelter. That’s why nobody came! There was one older guy in the group, he was Indian and he was deaf. He couldn’t hear at all, he could only lip-read. Sometimes I was leading the meditation so we assumed he was reading lips. But many times I would use the audio CD with MCKS voice. Amazingly, he was still doing the meditation. He was attracted to the energy although he couldn’t hear a thing. But he was coming and sitting there all the time. He saw people raising their hands in the blessing position so he would also raise his hands. His life has dramatically changed too. Apparently, some people from his village back in India suddenly found him. They now live in Connecticut. They took him there, they got him a place to stay, a car to use, a simple job he could do. He is now living there with his friends from India and he is very happy there.

Similar stories happened to 80% of the men who attended the Twin Hearts Meditation sessions. In spite of severe adversities in their lives, those who kept coming to the meditation and healing sessions, were able to keep more positive attitude and doors started opening for them. They all have jobs now or got enrolled in some type of training programs, and they started to pull themselves out to move on with their lives. Doug Thompson attributed this change to the effects of the Meditation on Twin Hearts. The meditation and healing sessions gave them so much needed hope and dignity, respect and nourishment to enable for the new beginnings.

If it did that for homeless people, imagine what it can do for you!

At the end, Doug humbly asked “Guys, can we do it again now? I need this prayer again." So we sat in the car and did a short Twin Hearts meditation again, especially for him.

*** Gratitude to Master Choa Kok Sui for generously giving the gift of Twin Hearts Meditation to the humanity. Thanks to Natalie & Ben Borokhovsky for their will and commitment to-do-good. Thanks to all contributors whose donations bring food on the table and light in the hearts for those suffering. Thanks to Twin Hearts Foundation for providing an effective vehicle for service. Thanks to the Administration of St. John’s Hospice for their great work providing necessities and life opportunities for the needy.

*** This article was transcribed by Ben Borokhovsky

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Author's Bio: 

Michael Borokhovsky is a Certified Pranic Healer and Instructor, an official representative of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. Michael is an active practitioner, teacher and researcher in the area of practical spirituality, pranic healing, meditation and arhatic yoga. His work promotes Service and Meditation as a means of accelerated spiritual growth and unfoldment of a more refined personality. He is a co-founder of the Twin Hearts Foundation, Golden Light Pranic Healing and Meditation Center and a regular facilitator of monthly full moon mediations for global peace and healing. Michael can be reached at or 1-888-430-4325.

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