Meditate to Generate Love

Article by Michael Borokhovsky

Meditate to generate LOVE.

Mother Earth is our common home. The individual energies of all beings occupying our planet define the energetic field of the whole planet. The way we relate to each other contributes to the quality of planetary aura and ultimately to the quality of life on Earth. In Pranic Healing, we have a way of scanning and quantifying energy. Our experiments showed that planetary aura, at the time of writing, had tremendous amount of hatred surrounding Earth. That explains the noticeable increase in negativity within the last 10 years. It manifests as wars between countries, conflicts between neighboring tribes, crimes, terrorism, poverty and natural calamities. It is the sum of individual energies, that creates the global aura of hatred. And it becomes the individual responsibility of each person to consciously participate in Earth's healing. "Love is to provide. Provide is to preserve." [MCKS]. It is our job and our inner call to create inner channels of Love and radiate it outwards through our actions. Only Love can counterweight hatred. Our scanning experiments revealed the amount of Love energy on Earth, at this point, being about twice less than that of hatred.

That's why we meditate - to generate and tremendously multiply the energy of Loving-Kindness! That's why we get together as a group to do the Great Invocation and the Planetary Peace Meditation, also known as Meditation on Twin Hearts. These Meditations are precious gifts to the humanity by the Great Ones. They generate and bring down enormous amount of human Love and Divine Love. The key is to meditate in large quantities. The more people meditate the more energy we can generate to permanently anchor Love and effectively disable hatred.

Meditate on Full Moon to maximize the impact.

The cycles of energy on Earth coincide with the moon cycles reaching their peaks on the day of the full moon, two days before and two days after. The Sun and Earth alignment allows the Solar Energy to come down to Earth unimpeded by moon.  This strong energy, projected onto humanity, fertilizes and amplifies good and bad qualities of our individual and collective consciousness. It often creates a period of higher "turbulence" in people's lives, statistically increasing the number of visits to Emergency Rooms and emotional breakdowns. This is when our Mother Earth needs help and is uniquely positioned to receive it! For the people of goodwill and will-to-do-good, it is an opportune moment to harness released energies and utilize them for personal and global advancement, peace, healing, materialization of planetary plan, individual life goals and short-term projects.