MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy Course

Pranic Psychotherapy

December 1-2, 2018 9:30am-6pm
Instructor: Cynthia De Leon
Continuing Education: 16 CE Hours approved by NCBTMB. There is a $20 charge for CE certificates.

PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY a.k.a Pranic Healing Level 3 is the application of pranic healing techniques for healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional energies lodged in the aura and in the critical energy centers. These energies are often difficult to release, requiring months or even years of traditional psychotherapy to experience any improvement. But "pranic psychotherapy" offers you the ability to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns.

In Pranic Psychotherapy  you will learn advanced energetic extraction techniques on the affected chakras so stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, grief, phobias, compulsions and addictions can be alleviated in a very short time. Pranic Psychotherapy can be carried out without the patient having to reveal any potentially embarrassing personal information.

PRE-REQUISITE: MCKS Pranic Healing Course and Advanced Pranic Healing

PRANIC HEALING CERTIFICATION Path: Pranic Psychotherapy is a required course.