Are you stressed and tired?
Join the night of meditation and healing 

Experience stress relief natural way by using Meditation on Twin Hearts, purifying exercises, gentle chants, universal prayers and other relaxation techniques.  Bring more harmony in your life, peace and simply learn to relax and re-charge. You work hard, carry a burden of many obligations, have a lot of things on your mind and keep pushing and pushhing... That's why every 2nd Tuesday we give you a chance to pause, take a break, be passive, be YOURSELF and find your light.

This is a very informal event, designed around YOUR needs to address YOUR issues and answer YOUR questions. Facilitated by experienced Certified Pranic Healers, Certified Pranic Psychotherapist and Instructors personally taught by Master Choa Kok Sui. Please call or email to register. COST: $15

After the meditation we offer individual 20-minute mini pranic healing sessions, per request.



If you wish a Private One-on-One 1-hour session with Certified Pranic Psychotherapist, in-person or distantly or via SKYPE: click here

Public Healing Clinic

"Attending meditations and pranic healing sessions was a positive step in a permanent resolution towards eliminating reoccurring bitter family issues. The wonderful changes within my family has been phenomenal!!! The anxiety and anger were released to allow the peace and happiness to exist as I hoped for."  Rose, NJ  12/20/2010


Mini-session in progress

"If you do not serve, you do not grow!"   Master Choa Kok Sui